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and it is no trouble. host: on twitter host: we will be talking about the city of detroit with the codirectors of the recent ropia" in aboutt five minutes. hi, george. caller: good morning. i think that we've lost all of our common sense. we are carrying all of these idols around, and the stadium is burning behind us and around us, and we are worshiping all these people, be it big business, and the pyramid scheme always collapses, but who is actually winning? the people are the worst of the worst feeding off of the people who don't have common sense to judge them and not give them all the money, all the environment, all the oil, going to kings of saudi arabia that we do business with or kill iranians in cruise that we do behind the scenes. this sad, what we are doing to this world, and the reset button might be a big red nuclear button, but it has got to be hit sooner or later, and i don't want it to be, but we have a big world of hurt coming because we don't have any brains left. host: returning to the front page of "the washington times," a story on ted cruz, republican senator from texas. h
has actually quietly just been won. it started right here on the banks of the detroit river in detroit, michigan, and yes, that is a giant nasty pile of something called pet coke. back in may "the new york times" highlighted what they described as a black mound of canadian oil waste rising over detroit. that oil waste is something called petroleum coke, a high sulfur, high carbon waste by-product of canadian oil sands. the petcoke that residents started spotting was put there by a company that owned it, a company call koch carbon, owned by the koch brothers. they started piling up all of this pet coke on banks of the detroit river before preparing to ship it off to other countries to be used as fuel. in addition to be a hideous eye sore, the pile also posed a potential health risk. we've got some video shot last month. look at this. look at that along the banks of the detroit river showing the black dust from the pet coke pile being kicked up in a storm that hit the area and just spreading everywhere. that black dust started blowing into nearby homes in detroit coming right through the
the battle over detroit's books. unions say detroit city was too quick to file bankruptcy. who will win? we'll check in on the math. that is coming up with ashley webster who joins me the next hour of fox business. please don't miss it. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing whilsleeping; and blood clots in t
time. pension funds and officials from detroit are in the midst of a dispute. kevin orr, the city's emergency financial manager met with pension funds yesterday to determine the pension shortfall.orr says pensions are underfunded by about three and a half billion dollars. while those funds estimate the shortfall is less, about 600 million dollars. a detroit reporter tells us...the meeting was likely the first of many. "this is an ongoing dispute and i don't expect that the differences between the emergency manager's numbers and the pension fund's numbers are going to be resolved that lasts a few hours. my suspicion and again this is just a suspicion is that this will be the first of several kinds of these meetings that will take place here in the coming days and weeks." that was kirk pin-ho, of crain's detroit business. the deadline to file challenges to detroit's bankruptcy elligability was last night. pinho says the next battle coming down the pipeline: pension funds that filed challenges under grounds that pensions are protected under the constitution, and therefore detroit was
pales behind winning. make a big statement, the losses to detroit and to boston were real moments that were tough to get by. player, we lost to the lakers and 71, 72. we were able to win 72 and 73 against the laker team. tavis: if one can get addicted to winning, what is the antidote for that? it is an addiction like anything else, you see where i am going with this. what do you do about that? if you lose, it is a deep thought. it was the innovator of the triangle offense. players ofed the your own success through the last success of the night. you are not a success right now. we are back to square one. we will climb this letter again. -- ladder agian. -- again. it is so ephemeral, it is gone. how long it took the nine months or eight months. tavis: to your point, and i think you are right, the nothing really compares to that feeling of euphoria. navigated through those periods when you didn't win the big one? it was renewed energy to come back. things that i noticed in my own career is that it was hard for teams that went into a successful season to lose in the finals and come ba
of this fiscal approach. then we can say to cities like detroit and others, we've got the answer, that you don't have to do what you did in the past or don't fall into the traps that we have the answer here in san francisco. and that will continue to be a consensus building approach taking care of our responsibilities. with that, i'd like to give the podium for a while to this year's chair of our budget committee, of course is mark farrell. (applause) >> well, thank you to mayor lee for his great leadership during this process. you know, after months of debate in city hall, after six town halls in our different neighborhoods, after an online town hall, i think what i'm most proud of today is that we're signing a budget that is not only representative of the mayor and his team and the board of supervisors, but as we stated in the beginning, we wanted a budget that reflected the values of san francisco, of all san francisco. and i think we've achieved that today. i want to take a quick moment to thank all those involved, starting off with my colleagues on the board of supervisors, to everyone. i
is controversial. it won't stop detroit. the policy let's officers stop and search people if they have a reasonable suspicion of either committing a crime or the suspect is about to commit a crime. >> critics say it unfairly targets minorities. detroit police department says it is not racial profiling just officers doing good constitutional police work. new york city is appealing the judge's ruling. >> bad news for job seekers. unemployment rate rose in most states last month. we have a live report on that and all of your other top business story res. >> unemployment is up in washington, d.c. showing job growth is weak despite a drop in national jobless claim rates last week at a 6 year low. they saw the biggest he increase by 3 tenths of one percent. only mississippi had a decline from 9 percent down to 8.5 percent. unemployment fell in 8 states and was unchanged in 14 states. in seattle considering raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour. the state has the heist minimum rate at $9.19 an hour. the mayoral candidates say they will consider this. it may make it more difficult for major rekalers to
. >> detroit an detroit? >> there are a whole bunch of maps. go to glad to answer your questions. >> thank y'all. >> y'all having a rough time. >> in southeastern, virginia we say all y'all. my momma says coca-cola. we say cement not cement. >> that is local dialect. [laughter]. >> all right. see if you understand this, looking through the fog, we showed you the same camera, now we can see a little bit. fog is hindering this commute. allow extra time on the roads, eastbound 66 slow moving business 234 out of manassas. not so much fog northbound i-95 after i-195. quick peek at the maps. we have accident activity to report for those traveling inbound along river bend road before the georgetown pike and closed a portion of 286, fairfax county parkway between 634 and lees chapel. before you reach prince george another crash at golden beach. follow police direction. northbound 5 headed out of bran brandy wine 26 miles an hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. more with "fox 5 morning news" after the break. hñ that is going to do it for the 6:00. let's send
, huh? easy to go. >> it is a newborn. still has its eyes closed. >>> this is on a bus in detroit. you can see a woman standing behind the yellow line, and she is facingoff with the driver, and according to the person who posted the video the woman got on the bus and didn't pay. the bus driver stops the bus and gets out of her seat and the two women are engauged in something. see what is in the bus driver's hands and somebody says that is a bag of coins, but it looks like a big set of keys. the video cuts. then you see that the woman is still engaged in the discussion with the bus driver. then the woman swings her bag at the bus driver and the bus driver swings back. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> wow. man. >> and she repeatedly hits this woman. >> you can see the frustration and i feel bad she was put in the position, but she can't treat another rider like that. >> the woman did come after her first, but you can't claim self-defense any longer when it goes on for this long. >> the bus driver seems to have the woman by the neck or the head, and somehow the bus driver is on top of this
the top cities, most dangerous, flint, michigan, detroit, memphis, stockton. turns out that crime is more tied to economic activity, to find jobs, have jobs, than it is to stop and frisk. i can't make the leap that says stop and frisk is the reason for a lower crime rate in new york city and they're trying to. honestly, i have to tell you, you can't. there's no one or two cities that say look, when they instituted stop and frisk, crime rates went down. it did go down in new york, but it wasn't because of that, because of economics, the city got stronger. >> but how can you just parcel that out and not say it wasn't part of the overall picture? >> because the most dangerous cities in the country have the highest crime rate. >> part of the model that worked here. >> i can tell you, 4.4 were stop and frisked in ten years, a minuscule number were arrested, minuscule. there was nothing about -- very few had guns on things like that. 4.4 million, you get a tiny number of people arrested? it is logical. look at it. it is a step beyond the fourth amendment. 4.4 million people, don't stop any crim
of detroit's got for bankruptcy protection. the deadline was monday as midnight. among the filers were the city's largest employee union. it said the city has not proven it's involume sent. detroit faces at least $18 billion in liabilities. >> a federal judge granted california prison officials personaltion to force feed inmates, lodge mg had a seven tweak long hunger strike. about 100 prisoners have refused meals since july 8. they're pro thefting gang leaders violence against inmates. about 70 of the strikers in are in failing health. strikes on wall street pore mentioned today but there are better results from retailers. the nasdaq rose 24 points to chose at 3613. >> >> the best-selling crime novelist elmore leonard died at his home in michigan from complications of had a stroke. leonard published more than 40 novels during his year, many with con men and gangsters as the character. the novel glitz was the number one best-seller. a number of his books made it to the big screen including get shorty and justified. he was 87 years old. now back to judy. >> we turn tot launch of al-jaze
unfortunately. >>> a new showdown over detroit's request for bankruptcy protection. unions and retirees are challenging the math suggesting that the city's financial position is not as bad as claimed. detroit's emergency manager saying that the city has at least $18 billion in liabilities and doesn't have enough revenue to pay them off. retirees and unions fear they could lose their pensions or have to pay more for health care. if the bankruptcy goes through, the hearing is set for october. martha: well there are almost 50 unions in the city of detroit and detroit is said to have long-term liabilities and debt of at least $18 billion. that includes $3.5 billion of unfunded pensions in the city as well as $5.7 billion in unfunded health benefits. the rest is owed to bondholders and other unsecured creditors. detroit's population is plummeting. since 2000, the city has lost more than 55 residents every single day. all of that adds up to a huge amount of problem in bankruptcy that detroit is seeing and a lesson for many other american cities as well. we're just getting started. we have a b
, on the other hand, sam, detroit is resilient. it will bounce back shortly. >> detroit? no. i'm sorry. i'm talking about "the daily show." >> come on. >> jess, where exactly are you? >> i'm in front of paula deen's house, john. >> that's interesting. any developments on that story? >> oh, no. i'm actually just here looking for a job. >> what? >> because let me be clear. i'd much rather work for an old lady who's admitted to throwing the n word around than spend six more minutes working for you. >> wow. >> leave john oliver alone. you've done a heck of a job, buddy, and i'm proud of you. >> oh, rob riggle, thank you so much. have you been watching the show this summer? >> uh. no. >> there are so many things about this summer. but i'll miss you most of all, carlos danger. ♪ danger ♪ danger ♪ get on the floor >> mr. lewis black joins me next. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the sam
be trampled to death and you wouldn't even know. it's a far cry from the city of detroit where there was a great fan fare at the newest water park and there was no water. the fire department had to be called in to cool off the crowd with hoses. you know what, i think it's great. you know how we feel about water parks, particularly ones as crowded as japan, all sorts of foul and biological products, the kind that you will get sick if you are lucky. so the people of detroit, don't feel bad if you're serious of turning your economy around, they are worst things than a waterless water park.
dakota has the lowest at just 3%. >>> today was deadline day in detroit for creditors to file objections to the city's filing for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection, and dozens of creditors did just that. most of the earliest objections came from individual retirees worried about their pensions and benefits. the largest creditors in the case plan to file a joint objection. >>> more violence in egypt today. the death toll is now more than 1,000. since protests against the ousted islamist president mohamed morsi erupted last week. now a court ruled to release another ex-president, mubarak. that could trigger more unrest. here is the latest from cairo. >> reporter: it's been another turbulent 24 hours for egypt. starting off with violence in the northern part of the sinai peninsula where we understand that 25 police were ambushed and executed with a machine gun. three of them remain critically injured. that comes off the back of an attempted prison break, we understand from the egyptian ministry of interior, where 36 supporters of president mohamed morsi were killed. the violence is likely to
money. >> reporter: meet kurt skarjune, a retired detroit area cop. >> i said when i got a chance to speak out i would. >> reporter: he says it's what you might suspect, cities and counties make a whole lot of money off of speed traps. >> it's like a dirty secret. >> reporter: along i-71 the speed drops to 60 for about 14 seconds on the highway. before a court stepped in last winter, the tiny town collected $800,000 a year. along i-10 in cajun county tickets from a speed limit change at the bottom of this bridge covered 80% of the budget for henderson, louisiana. more than $2 million. the police chief and his deputy deny it but they're accused of paying officers kickbacks to write extra tickets. across the country drivers are taking note, reporting 78,000 speed traps since 2000. in the data, a warning, the cities with the most traps are colorado springs, denver, vegas, austin, and the number one is houston. all those frustrated drivers who feel they have been pulled over in a speed trap, authorities say when there is a hill and the speed limit is 25 miles per hour, it's not a trap
, informativo, en estados unidos, fue en detroit, aquÍ en estados unidos, en el aÑo de 1920 un dÍa 20 de agosto, hoy 20 de agosto, aquÍ en estados unidos, la primera radio informativa, y por eso es el dÍa nacional de la radio. venga el aplauso seÑores! (aplausos) muy bien compadre. dÉjame decirte, siempre se levantan temprano para mantenernos informados y darnos noticias que pasan ahÍ mismo. >>> sÍ, estamos despiertos, me levanto a las 3. >>> fÍjate. >>> a la 1, a la dos, y a las tres. >>> oye, me puedo despedir con un chiste. >>> por supuesto compadre, solo porque es el dÍa nacional de la radio. >>> es la historia de un pececito que querÍa ser locutor, su sueÑo era ser locutor, oye, intentaba, intentaba, hasta que le dieron la oportunidad en la radio, con tanta mala suerte, quÉ creen que pasÓ.>>> quÉ pasÓ. >>> cuando saliÓ al aire se muriÓ, (risas) >>> ana, ana. >>> ana patricia tienes competencia. (risas) (aplausos) >>> gracias tocayo, te queremos. >>> hermano. >>> un abrazo, se les quiere. >>> saludos a la gente de houston, san antonio, arlington, a todos en texas. >>> a los
. louis, and so, go through your fast food establishments, you'll have some problems.problems. >> you may have to cook then. t >> my wife. >> i'll get the kids to cook. c >> why not? n >> coming up, the first familyam is expanding, the newest memberm straight ahead. >> returns of summer today, and, tucker has the forecast and, julie has the problems on theemt road and, we want to check in live with melanie. mel >> the nfl new all clear bag policy, it was anything butthg t clear for some redskins' fans,an and a few resorting to desperate measures, and we'll tell youou what they did with their designer bags. >> look at that. t is that the moon? m that's so cool. >> yeah. >> we got the moon, the fog, and some city lights. l it is like a portrait. ptr >> it is really pretty.y >> best time of the day.of the >> it is, when the sun comes up. look at that fog. we have some really big thingss off to the west, and, fogog advisory for everybody.verydy and it should take a couple c hours to burn it off. that's a look at your fog, and the ordinance and reds where are fog thickens,
-month-old portuguese water dog is believed to have come fr a breeder 60 miles from detroit, taking the placement of puppies very seriously, saying we match the puppy to the right family. enter the first family. michelle obama welcomed sunny, named for her cheerful disposition, with a tweet. president obama chimed in, welcome to the family, sunny. the obamas chose another allergy friendly portuguese water dog like bo because of 15- year-old malea's allergies. >> they are fun dogs. and easy to train. >> we caught up with a dog trainer in new york. >> what type of training would you recommend for sunny? >> to remember that even sunny is a year old, doesn't mean they need help to adjust. you need to make sure you're teaching your dog to greet people politely, to sit, the breed tends to be jumpy. >> bo has won the hearts of the nation gracing the cover of the new yorker, and the obamas' christmas card last year. when elected to his second term he had this to say. >> one dog is enough. >> michelle thought bo needed a playmate. >> it would be beneficial so they can burn off energy, mental
and -- tenements in boston and detroit, strong-willed single mother who turned new a reader and now a renowned surgeon who i'm sure has made millions in medicine and writing books. are you saying that you should be paying the same rate as someone in your mother's former circumstances? >> absolutely. i'm saying absolutely that. needless to say, that person in my mother's circumstance wouldn't be paying very much. i would be paying a lot. >> she's paying it eye much smaller number, but the conventional thinking is that that only 90 progressive, it's regressive and that somebody who can afford to pay a larger percentage should and somebody who is making very little shouldn't pay any. >> let me tell you my take on at
are lucky. so the people of detroit, don't feel bad if you're serious of turning your economy around, they are worst things than a waterless water park. >>> good evening, everyone. tonight, prince william's interview as a new father. >>> and scotland yard investigates whether princess diana was killed by conspiracy fires. >>> also, the wall of fire sweeping across the western mountains. up close, the men and women fighting to save some of the most beautiful and valuable acres on earth. >>> and oscar pistorius breaking down in court. he killed his girlfriend and now officially he's been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. >>> first, prince george and the conspiracy theory of princess diana. first, prince george. basic photo album classic, the family and lupo taken in the garden of the middleton family home. they were taken by michael middleton, catherine's father. max foster met with the prince at kensington palace and they talked about that moment when he and his wife catherine brought their baby out into the media frenzy. >> i think more shock and dauntingness was the feeling
so the people of detroit, don't feel bad if you're serious of turning your economy around, they are worst things than a waterless water park. they are not getting sick. their cognitive function has improved. any muscle coordination issues have resolved and children are going from being in a wheelchair to walking through the mountains of colorado. it's pretty amazing how much this medicine can do for a child with this syndrome. >> brian, you had this dramatic showdown with governor christie. let's take a look at this. >> i wish for the best for you, your daughter, and your family and i'm going to do what i think is best for the people of the state. >> please don't let my daughter die, governor. >> there can't be many more emerging things to say to a governor than please don't let my daughter die. obviously you were direct with him and he was quite direct with you. he wasn't going to bow what he saw as a personal or emotional case in your point. but what do you think about how the governor has gone about this generally? >> he didn't really want to listen to anything. i think
's a far cry from the city of detroit where there was a great fan fare at the newest water park and there was no water. the fire department had to be called in to cool off the crowd with hoses. you know what, i think it's great. you know how we feel about water parks, particularly ones as crowded as japan, all sorts of foul and biological products, the kind that you will get sick >>> this is "piers morgan live." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight, i've always been struck by chris christie's candor. consider what he told me about gays. >> i think if someone is born that way, it's very difficult to say, then, that that's a sin. >> well, today he signed a new law making news jersey the second state to ban gay conversion therapy. it's been a busy day for the jersey man. i'll talk to that father and mother. they say christie hasn't gone far enough. >>> and the first official pictures of prince george. >>> also, the diana conspiracy theory. tina brown on the new claims that the military, maybe even the s.a.s., could have been involved in diana's
government must step in to ensure the state and local government. the problem detroit faced is that -- >> state, local, and tribal government. >> and tribal government. [laughter] >> okay. >> the problem with detroit, unlike many municipalities that depend on revenue from real estate tax, they run on income taxes. they never recovered from 2001. the black unemployment rate never recovered from 2001. that downturn decimated the revenue stream for the city, and it never came back. if there are banks that are too big to fail, and we have to step in to make sure they function, there are cities that are too big to fail. [applause] >> bankruptcy in one of those cities. >> yes, and so it is not enough for the administration to say, oh, we're behind you, droit. no. we said to wall street, $800 billion we're behind you, so that's being behind me. [laughter] >> okay. behind you, what are the policies? >> so, wall street caused more damage than what we have put into the budget. there needs to be a financial transaction tax because when they gamble, we lose. [applause] they have to pay
. it's a far cry from the city of detroit where there was a great fan fare at the newest water park and there was no water. the fire department had to be called in to cool off the crowd with hoses. you know what, i think it's great. you know how we feel about water parks, particularly ones as crowded as japan, all sorts of foul and biological products, the kind that you will get sick >>> this is "piers morgan live." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight, i've always been struck by chris christie's candor. consider what he told me about gays. >> i think if someone is born that way, it's very difficult to say, then, that that's a sin. >> well, today he signed a new law making news jersey the second state to ban gay conversion therapy. it's been a busy day for the jersey man. i'll talk to that father and mother. they say christie hasn't gone far enough. >>> and the first official pictures of prince george.
president on jell oil on oil and gas development in the u.s. then the film project on life in detroit. washington journal live every morning at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> wednesday, the six democratic can't dates in the mayoral base will debate. the event hosted by ny-one tv will include anthony weiner. a live preview of the debate at 6:00 p.m. eastern and the debate at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> last few years, the left has decided that the political debate is worth lest, they're not going to debate policy, they're not going to debate what is the best way to solve the nation's problems. they're not going to provide evidence. they're going to label us morally deficient human beings unworthy of debate. >> the editor at large ben shapiro is september's in depth guest and will take your questions live for three hours. then in the months ahead, civil rights leader congressman john lewis. jackie o. to nancy reagan, your questions for kitty kelly. then feminism critic and philosophy professor, general for hop summers. radio talk show host and judicial activist mark levine, in depth,
. the workers have held one-day strikes in cities such as new york, st. louis and detroit to protest low wages. they're calling for a $15 an hour wage and the right to form a union. organizers of the walkout say right now fast food workers are paid, on average, just under $9 an hour. workers from 35 cities nationwide are expected to take part in the walkout. >> bay area cities in our area are not expected to take part, at least not yet. >>> san francisco-based gap makes a marketing bet on a fairly new site. >> and more americans are expected to hit the road this year for labor day. ellen brateman joins us now. good morning, ellen. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. if you're going to be hitting the road or skies, do expect company. heavier traffic coming for labor day weekend. aaa predicting more than 29 million people will hit the road, and the sky is going to be busy with flyers up as well with total number traveling more than 34 million, the most since labor day weekend 2008. let's take a check what's happening in stocks as we get under way. we are pretty quiet for the benchmark avera
, bill, i wear watches. look, here's my watch from detroit. >> me, too. >> i love it. a great watch. >> yeah, how old are you, bob? we all have watches, too. okay? >> okay, all right. >> ask the intern. >> i did try the google glasses, though, whether they were down here. the google guys. you're right, maria, an awful lot going on. that one i'm having a hard time getting used to. i love my shinola. crummy 6% gain in the s&p 500. it's the best day since august 1st, believe it or not. that's how tough things have been. the emerging markets are a little calmer today. that may be helping stocks and bonds, up here in the united states. a little bit of flight to safety. it is again light volume. bear that in mind. we'll get more news flow, thank you, tomorrow, the home sales and fomc minutes will be out. people keep asking me, should i get out of emerging markets? can i point out, attempts at bottoming in china and brazil, over a month ago. china is up this month. brazil is up. and a lot of economic flow news out of china that's notably better. a lot of internet stuff playing around. sign
, strikes have been staged in new york, chicago, kansas, and detroit, with workers demanding that minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. at the federal level, of course, congress hasn't raised the minimum wage since 2009 when they pushed it up to $7.25 an hour. now f you calculate the minimum wage for congress itself, the salaries they pay themselves, it's $70 an hour. and that still is nothing to many members of congress. in fact, the hill just released a list of the 50 wealthiest members. on top is representative darrell issa, who clocks in at a diamond encrusted $355 million. >> that's a triple blinger. >> let's spin on the money game. the issa money and the fact these folks pay themselves $70 an hour while they won't up go from $7.25, despite the president's call for a higher minimum wage, tells you a lot about their values and where their priorities are. you don't need $355 million unless, you know -- i'm reminded of something lil' wayne said, which is too much money, it ain't enough money. that's clearly the way some of the members feel when it comes to paying themselves. when you l
dialogue, referred to as the dickens of detroit. 26 of his books have been adapted for the big screen, get shorty quoigt out of sight quoi 310 to yuma." we talked about paying tribute to someone of the great writers, we thought one of the best ways was to hear from the man himself. >> i'll come to my desk about 9:30 and work. but i always work until 6:00. rarely have lunch. the idea of lunch doesn't interest me at all, i'm not hungry. i'm just into what i'm doing. i write in longhand, and it's just to me that's writing, you know? and then i put it on a typewriter. i just stop at 6:00 because you got to stop sometime. but, still, yeah, the character, though, could still be in my head. and maybe i might even sound hike that character. maybe all day long i might sound like that character. and my wife might say, well, i know who you are today. i never, ever write from my own point of view. i never use my words. i don't want them to hear me telling them what the -- or showing them what the book is about. i want them immersed in it the same way that i am. but, still, the satisfaction is sitting
the terrifying prospect that one result of the bankruptcy of the city of detroit could be the thousands of potential personal bankruptcies caused by the slashing of retirees' pensions. a full discussion on that is coming up. all that plus i am absolutely gein
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